Eco-Friendly Pest Control: Five Options That Are Safe for Your Pets, Children & The Environment

Posted on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024.

Finding pests in your home can be a nightmare. Noise in the attic, buzzing sound in the wall, mice droppings in the kitchen, ants on the countertop or spiders crawling around. Professional pest control services offer benefits that go beyond simply eliminating pests. By adopting EPA-approved, environmentally safe pest controls that are designed specifically for your family and home, you can ensure utmost protection for your pets, children, and the environment.

One of the key advantages of the use of eco-friendly, pet-safe, and child-safe methods is that they prioritize the health and well-being of your family. However, what are these environmentally friendly measures that are increasingly being used by pest control companies concerned about sustainability, environment and safety?

At Yosemite Pest & Rodent Solutions, Inc., pest control services in Naperville, Aurora & surrounding cities in Illinois, we believe in providing pest control solutions that not only effectively protect your home and family, but also respect the environment.

We bring our experience and expertise into this article which will provide you with an overview of eco-friendly pest control measures so the next time you need pest control to protect your loved ones and your property, you can have an informed discussion with your pest management partner.

1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – A primary goal of an integrated pest management program is to keep pests & rodents from infesting human structures by making the structures less inhabitable.

At Yosemite Pest & Rodent Solutions, Inc. by focusing on the exterior of your home, we can prevent pests from ever gaining a foothold indoors, ensuring long-lasting protection for your family and property. Steps we take to make your structures less habitable vary by types of pests. For ants, for instance, we would reduce elements that attract ants, such as food, water & shelter. For mice & rodents, it would involve fortification of your property by caulking holes and cracks.

Read more about our integrated pest management services.

2. Natural Repellents – Harsh chemicals, often used by some professional pest control companies, smell terrible and could be toxic to your pets, children and the environment.

Harsh chemicals can be substituted by natural repellents with ingredients such as citronella, essential oils, vinegar, coffee grounds & others for pest control that is perfectly safe for pets, children & the environment.

3. Preventative Measures – From trimming bushes to keeping mulch away from the foundation to removing garbage promptly are all eco-friendly ways to manage pests. In addition, caulking of holes and cracks and weather trims on doors and windows also work as excellent preventative and eco-friendly ways to keep pests away.

Fun fact – Did you know that having your exterior lights on timers, or motion sensors will help keep spiders away? That’s because spiders are attracted to the light on the exterior of your home.

All our pest eradication plans include long-term maintenance and prevention methods that can help you manage pests in an eco-friendly manner that is safe for pets, kids and the environment.

4. Improved Sanitation – Sanitation & hygiene is especially helpful in keeping pests & rodents away. Regular cleaning & scrubbing of food prep areas, rinsing recyclable items with soapy water, removing garbage promptly, and storing food in sealed containers are all eco-friendly steps that you can take to control pests and rodents from entering your property.

5. Mechanical Removal – We often use structural or chemical baits on the perimeter of your property or in areas of pest & rodent infestation. This creates a safe and environmentally-friendly pest control option to keep your loved ones away from toxic chemicals and resultant health concerns.

Depending on the type of pest infestation, we also use mechanical removal with tools & techniques, such as fencing, barriers, handpicking, water pressure sprays, or even electronic wires can be used to keep pests & rodents out of your property.

Since every home is unique, our expert pest control technician will create a preventative solution, whether it is mechanical alteration (sealing and caulking rodent entry points) or installing pest or rodent monitoring devices.


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