Clover Mites, Springtails, and Crickets

 Clover Mites, Springtails and Crickets

Clover mites, Springtails and Crickets activity often spikes from early spring thru fall. The first step in pest control is to conduct a thorough inspection of the structure, and the landscaping to identify which pest  are present and, if possible, locate all the breeding and harborage locations.

To treat springtail or crickets infestations, we use an insecticides and to treat for clover mites we use miticide. Both insecticide or miticide  are safe for human, pets and the environment. While DIY ant control methods may provide temporary relief, they are unlikely to fully eliminate the problem. Attempting to tackle a pest infestation on your own often leads to a frustrating cycle of the pests returning again and again. Save yourself the headache and let our professionals handle it. Talk to the best exterminator near you! We serve Naperville, Aurora, Oswego & surrounding cities in DuPage, Will, Kane & Kendall counties. We use EPA approved methods and we are Structural Pest Control certified by the State of Illinois’ Department of Public Health.

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Some Common Pest We Treat: Best Clover mites, Springtails and Crickets Exterminator Near You!

Clover Mites

Clover mites often become a problem where new lawn have been establish and where a heavy growth of well fertilized grass exist close to the foundation of the home. Clover mites are smaller than a pinhead, usually dark red. Clover mites often occur in extremely in large number. Migration is noticed on the south and west side of the homes because of the warming effect of bright sunshine. These mites are usually notice around the windows. Heavy migration is common in early summer and fall.


Springtails occur mostly outdoors, occasionally they migrate indoors in great numbers during the dry weather or just after a heavy rainfall. They are small white, to grayish or blackish about 1/12 inch long. This is a wingless insect that jump and is often mistaken for fleas. These pests prefer moist conditions and are often found in damp soil or decaying logs.  Springtails feed on algae, fungi, and decaying vegetable matter. Springtails develop in large numbers in the mulched, straws, decaying leaves, and dead grass. Indoors, springtails are usually found in kitchen sink, bathrooms, drains, damp basement and mostly around windows sill. These insects do not cause any damage to the home nor present any health risk, however homeowner consider them pests because of the enormous number of springtails entering the home.


The house cricket and field cricket occasionally invade homes. Crickets are considerable annoyance and can cause damage to fabrics, paper, all kinds of food. Crickets are closely related to cockroaches.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Clover mites, Springtails, and Crickets from Best  Exterminator Near You!

What Is Your Clover Mites, Springtails, and Crickets  Control Process?

  • Inspection & Evaluation  – The first step in our process is a FREE inspection & evaluation where we inspect your home, interior and exterior, to identify the root causes of infestation and create a plan to help you eradicate and manage the problem.
  • Treatment for Protection: Next, we can perform the treatment at that time, or scheduled appointment date. Our technicians will use EPA approved methods to treat the perimeter of your home. Types of treatment varies, depending on types of pest.
  • Long-term Prevention: We provide yearly maintenance plans to prevent pest infestation in the future and also provide recommendations on proactive steps you can take to prevent future pest problems.

How do I Keep My Property Clover Mites, Springtails, and Cricket Free?

Things you can do to prevent clover mites, springtails, and crickets from  infesting  your home are exclusion, maintenance of home and landscaping.

Caulking around windows and exterior doors frame, caulking under siding at the base of the structure will help reduce the movement of ants into your home. Removing any rotted wood from the structure, fixing leaky roof ,  windows, or fixing any leaky pipes will make your home less attractive for the insects to invade and nest in your home. Closely mow grass, avoid excessive watering or fertilization of the lawn.


If clover mites, springtails, or cricket have already infested your property, it’s best to contact a pest control service in Naperville, Aurora & surorunding areas to help.

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We are Knowledgeable, always professional, and environmentally safe: We will create a customized, environmentally safe and cost-effective plan. Our focus is to prevent pests from entering your home while keeping your family safe.

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