Boxelders Bugs, Lady Bugs, and Stinkbugs

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Boxelders bugs, Lady Bugs, and Stink Bugs migrate into homes in the fall to overwinter. The first step in control these pests  is to conduct a thorough inspection of the structure.

While DIY  control methods may provide temporary relief, they are unlikely to fully eliminate the problem. Attempting to tackle the boxelders bugs, lady bugs, or stink bugs  on your own can be frustrating with these bugs wondering randomly throughout the home durning the cold period of the year. To prevent these bugs from hibernating in your home all winter long an exterior pre-treatment is needed in the late summer or fall prior to the bugs congregation on the exterior of the structure.

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Some Common Spring & Fall Pests We Treat: Best Pest Control Exterminator Near You!

Boxelders Bugs

Boxelders bugs are black with reddish or orange marking. The got their name form the fact that they are often found in boxelders tree. In the fall the boxelder bugs congregate on the south side of the buildings where the sun hit. They tend to hide in small cracks and crevices in the wall, in windows and door frame, light fixtures and under siding to insulate themselves form the cold winter temperature and overwinter in the homes. Late March to early April the boxelder bugs emerges from hibernation and return to their host tree. Boxelders bugs are primarily a nuisance pest however, their fecal material can cause a red stain on walls.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are grayish-brown insect that shape like a shield. They are almost as wide as they are long. Stink bugs get their form the unpleasant odor they produce when crush. They do not stink, but care should be taken when removing them, to deter these pest form releasing an unpleasant odor. Stink bugs often invade homes during the late summer months well into autumn, when the outside temperature starting to get cold.

Stink bugs can be control same as Boxelders Bugs Control.

Lady Bugs

Lady bugs come in many different colors, including red, orange, or yellow. In the fall lady bugs look for places to overwinter. They are known to invade homes. Lady bugs do not pose any health risk; however, the multi-colored Asian lady beetles is known to cause allergic reactions in some people. These bugs exude a foul-smelling fluid that may stain whatever in contacts.

Treatment for ladybugs is identical to boxelders bugs control.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control from Best  Exterminator Near You!

What Is Your Boxelders Bugs, Lady Bugs, and Stink Bugs, Control Process?

  • Inspection & Evaluation  – The first step in our process is a FREE inspection & evaluation where we inspect your home, interior and exterior, to identify the root causes of infestation and create a plan to help you eradicate and manage the problem.
  • Treatment for Protection: Next, we can perform the treatment at that time, or scheduled appointment date. Our technicians will use EPA approved methods to treat the perimeter of your home.
  • Long-term Prevention: We provide  maintenance plans to prevent boxelders bugs, lady bugs, or stink bugs from invading your home during the fall to overwinter in your walls voids, attics, and under the siding of your home.

How do I Keep My Property Boxelders Bugs, Lady Bugs, and Stink Bugs Free?

Things you can do to prevent boxelders bugs, lady bugs, or stink bugs from  migrating to your home during the fall.

Caulking around windows and exterior doors frame, caulking under siding at the base of the structure will help reduce the harborage area for pests. Removing any boxelder tree from your property.

If boxelders bugs, lady bugs, or stink bugs have already migrate to your home, it’s best to contact pest control service in Naperville, Aurora & surrounding areas to help.

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