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Cockroach can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Cockroach can pick up germs on their legs as they crawl through garbage or decaying matter, which may then transfer to your food. These cockroaches are known to spread bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella, also other pathogens. Cockroach drippings, saliva and shed skin contains allergens that can exacerbate asthma symptoms especially in small children.

Attempting to tackle a cockroach  infestation on your own often leads to a frustrating cycle of the pests returning again and again. Save yourself the headache and let our professionals handle it. Talk to the best roach exterminator near you! We serve Naperville, Aurora, Oswego & surrounding cities in DuPage, Will, Kane & Kendall counties. We use EPA approved methods and we are Structural Pest Control certified by the State of Illinois’ Department of Public Health.

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Some Common Cockroaches We Treat: Best Roach Exterminator Near You!

German Cockroach

The German cockroaches are oval shaped with six legs. They are light brown to tan with two dark stripes on their backs. Although they have wings, this species rarely flies and prefer to run. They prefer to live in warm, humid places close to the food and moisture source. The German cockroach lifespan for male is about 100 days, while the female German cockroach lifespan is about 200 days. They will reproduce a new generation of about 400 every 60 days. A German cockroach infestation can grow into millions within a year. The German cockroach is the most common cockroach species found worldwide.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach is the largest house-infesting species of roaches. They are reddish brown with a yellowish figure 8 pattern on their head. The American cockroaches are often found in basement and sewers around pipes and drains. They will forge in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms for food and water. These roach population can grow to large numbers if the conditions are right. Talk to the best cockroach exterminator near Naperville, Aurora & surrounding cities in Illinois. We serve all cities in DuPage, Will, Kane & Kendall counties.

Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental cockroach, sometimes called “water bugs” is large shiny black to dark reddish-brown color. They are mostly found in sewers and will enter homes through drains or through doors during the summer. The Oriental cockroach creates a strong smell.  Once inside these roach will seek out damp and cool places such as crawl spaces or basements. They can also be found outdoors in leaf piles or firewood.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Cockroach Pest Control from Best Roach Exterminator Near You!

What Is Your Cockroach Pest Control Process?

  • Inspection & Evaluation  – The first step in our process is a FREE inspection & evaluation where we inspect your home to identify the root causes of infestation and create a plan to help you eradicate and manage the problem.
  • Treatment for Protection: Next, we can perform the treatment at that time, or scheduled appointment date. Our technicians will use EPA approved methods to treat your home. Types of treatment varies, depending on types of cockroach.
  • Long-term Prevention: We provide maintenance plans to prevent cockroach infestation in the future and also provide recommendations on proactive steps you can take to prevent future cockroach problems.

How To Keep My Property Roach Free?

Things you can do to prevent cockroach from  infesting  your home is proper sanitation.

Simple sanitation will not be enough to preventing cockroaches form invading your home.

If cockroach have already infested your property, it’s best to contact a coackroach pest control service in Naperville, Aurora & surorunding areas to help.

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We are Knowledgeable, always professional, and environmentally safe: We will create a customized, environmentally safe and cost-effective plan. Our focus is to prevent pests from entering your home while keeping your family safe.

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