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Stop Sharing Your Home With  Unwanted Spiders

While most spiders are harmless to humans, sharing your home with these uninvited guests can be a nuisance. We are a Structural Pest Control-licensed spiders pest control service.

At Yosemite Pests, we understand the importance of taking prompt action to address a spider infestation. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your home is protected from these pests, now and in the future. Contact us today for a spiders pest control FREE evaluation & quote.

Spiders Pest Control Services- Yosemite Pest & Rodent Solutions, Inc.

Some Common Spiders We Treat

House Spider

Common household spiders are variable in color from tan to almost black female are generally 0.02 to 0.24 inch long while male are generally 0.15 to 0.19 inch long. They spin their web over lamps, in corner of baseboards, and in basement. This is unsightly but cause no harm. These spiders usually feed on small insects and lives in close proximity to people,  they are not aggressive, but will bite  in self-defense when grabbed.

Garden Spider

The black-and-yellow garden spider is found throughout Illinois. It builds a large orb web in grasses and weeds in open areas foyer in flower and vegetable gardens. The spider sits in the middle of the web with its head pointed toward the ground. They usually feed on large flying insects.

Black Widow

The black widow are easily identified because of their globular, shiny black abdomen with two reddish or yellowish triangles on the underside. Those reddish or yellowish triangles form a characteristic hourglass. These spiders do not usually enter residences, though it may do so occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spiders Pest Control Services

How Serious Are Spiders?

Many species of spiders are common household inhabitants. Under most conditions spiders are considered beneficial because they feed on insects. However, they are undesired to most homeowners because of the unsightly webbing spiders use to catch insects.

What is Your Process of Spider Pest Control Services?

  • Inspection & Evaluation  – The first step in our process is a FREE inspection & evaluation where we inspect your home, interior and exterior, to identify the root causes of infestation and create a plan to help you eradicate and manage the problem.
  • Treatment for Protection: Next, we can perform the treatment at that time, or scheduled appointment date. Our technicians will use EPA approved methods to treat the perimeter of your home, remove accessible spider webs and wasp nests.
  • Fortification for Prevention: For long-run prevention, we suggest a maintenance plan. Out integrated pest management offers ongoing, periodic treatment to prevent pests from infesting your property , without the need for ongoing contract!

How Can I Prevent Spider Infestation?

Spiders are attracted to the light on the exterior of your home. Having your exterior lights on timers, or motion sensors will help. Remove woodpile and clutter form around the home. Have a well maintain landscaping.

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