Residential Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control Services: Pest and Rodent Control in Naperville, Aurora & Surrounding Areas

Finding pests and rodents in your house can be a nightmare. They can introduce diseases to you and your family and damage your lovely home. Fortunately, Yosemite Pest & Rodent Solutions, Inc. can help you quickly end any magnitude of pest infestations through our unparalleled pest inspection, extermination, and prevention services.

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Inspect and Evaluate Free On-Site Consultation and Inspection

To develop an effective plan of action against bugs and rodents, we thoroughly inspect your house for infestation sites and identify the unique pest control needs of your home.

Schedule a free on-site consultation, evaluation & estimate by contacting us at (630) 779-7674 or submitting the form below. We will get back to you right away!

Treatment Plans Best for Homes with Occasional Pest or Rodents

Using the results of the initial inspection, we will customize an affordable and eco-friendly pest control plan for you. Our knowledgeable professionals use only the safest pest control methods that are harmless to kids and pets but effective against bugs and rodents. These solutions are up to the local, state and national regulations and EPA standards.

Pest & Pesticides Free Homes Best for Preventing Pests or Rodents form Invading your Home

Apart from insect and rodent infestation treatment, we also specialize in preventing pests, such as ants, bees, earwigs, centipedes, ticks, fleas, and mice, from entering and re-infesting your home.

Talk to us about our Integrated Pest Management Solutions.

Termite Inspection Plan

Buying, selling or refinancing? Yosemite Pest & Rodent Solutions, Inc. offers termite inspection for commercial and residential real estate. Entrust your termite inspection needs with the help of our keen-eyed professionals. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment where one of our inspectors can thoroughly evaluate your real estate to check for wood-destroying insects. Learn more about our termite inspection plan.

Reach Out to a Reliable Residential Pest Control Service

For inquiries and service booking requests, feel free to get in touch with us today. Our experienced industry professionals would be more than happy to address your questions and accommodate your unique pest control needs.

Get Started Today

Don’t let pests get the upper hand in your home. Take action now with our environmentally safe, cost-effective, and integrated pest management solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pest and Rodent Control in Naperville, Aurora & Surrounding Areas

How Often You Will I Need Pest Control?

Every home and pest infestation is unique. Depending on the magnitude of the infestation and the possibility of re-infestation even with preventive measures, we will discuss with you the best interval timeframes for pest control. Our business offers flexible scheduling options, including one-time intensive treatments and quarterly or bi-monthly services with no long-term contracts.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Our treatments are  Eco-Friendly
  2. Safe for Kids and Pets
  3. Our treatment are Odorless and Invisible
  4. Cost-Effective Pest Control
  5. Better Service, Better Price Guarantee
  6. We’ll Beat any Competitor’s Price
  7. No Contract and Customized Treatment
  8. 30 Years Experience in Pest Control
  9. Free On-Site Consultation and Estimate